AGA Renaissance Clinic specializing in outpatient depilation problems and flocking

Male mold alopecia is a kind of troubles of middle-aged and elderly men even now and again. Recently called AGA, the onset is low age, and even in the beauty field, there is a specialized clinic in the AGA Renaissance Clinic section.

AGA stands for Androgenic Alopecia (Androgenic Alopecia), and if literal translation it becomes male hormone alopecia. The testosterone male hormone is converted to dihydrotestosterone = DHT by the action of 5 alpha reductase, DHT acts on the hair papilla and hair matrix cells which produce hair, disturbing the normal hair cycle and making it easy to escape.


Furthermore, even if it comes out normally, hair matrix cells that produce new hair will be in a state of dormancy forever, and hair will never grow again. This is the so-called male pattern epilation, the identity of AGA. The Shonan cosmetic surgery clinic planting department is trying to recover this AGA with cosmetic surgery.


From hair consultation of AGA Renaissance Clinic for implanted hair
Medicines such as minoxidil and finasteride are usually used for treatment of male pattern depilation.
Minoxidil ‘s trade name is Rogaine and Ri – up, Finasteride is known under the trade name of Propecia.


Neither was originally a bald medicine, minoxidil was a medicine for hypertension, finasteride was a medicine for prostatic hyperplasia, but because any side of it has the side effect of “darkening hair”, it is used as a remedy for AGA It became so. Shinan cosmetic surgery clinic seems to prescribe minoxidil in some cases.


However, medicines do not bring about sufficient effect to everyone. Alas, there are not many examples where these medicines do not grow hair. So, recently, Katsura has also made progress, and specialty surgery of hair growth method which knit artificial hair into hair if slight hair remains even a little is the department of Shonan cosmetic surgery clinic hair transplantation.


However, after all my hair is the best, can not I increase my hair somehow? People always think so, in fact, the history of hair transplantation is surprisingly old.
There are several methods for self-hair implantation of the AGA Renaissance Clinic, but the most recent ancestor is flap treatment.


In a broad sense it is skin grafting, but in flap surgery cut off the blood vessels in the deep tissue and do the suturing of the blood vessel at the site to transplant.
Transplant the temporal skin to the bald part with the blood vessel.
Another method of Shonan cosmetic surgery clinic is a method of cutting out the balding part and suturing by pulling on the skin where hair is growing.

Furthermore, there is a tissue expansion method in which silicon is put between the scalp where the hair is growing and skull bone, inflated little by little, and the elongated scalp is cut off and transplanted.
However, there are also many disadvantages for large surgical operations. Shonan cosmetic surgery clinic planting department is also suitable. Therefore, AGA Renaissance Clinic is often used in cosmetic surgery such as outpatient clonality outdoor hair root transplantation method, also known as FUT (Follicular unit ยท transplantation) self-hair flocking method.


It is a skillful worker who cuts the skin of the temporal and occipital region which is not easily influenced by 5 alpha reductase inducing AGA and transplant it to the bald part by pore unit. Furthermore, in the AGA Renaissance Clinic implanted outpatient, ARTAS implantation is also carried out, in which hair sampling robots randomly collect pores and transplant without using a scalp to collect the roots.


ARTAS performed by cutting-edge robots, there are no scars left and no pain. If you are wondering about flocking, first take a free e-mail consultation with AGA Renaissance Clinic flock implantation outpatient clinic.